Sunset in Red Valley

I say get ready to be enchanted when the sunset is mentioned in Kızılvadi, which is connected to Ortahisar on the borders of Ürgüp. When the Red Valley, the best place to watch the sunset within the borders of Turkey, and the unique view of the fairy chimneys come together, incredible results emerge. It is quite enjoyable to watch the last moments of daylight with red and green tones in places. Even hours before the sun goes down, there are thousands of tourists who make their preparations and wait here. Especially if you brought a wine with you, there is no luck for you.

You can take plenty of souvenir photos to immortalize the fascinating view of the sunset. Not only tourists, but also brides and grooms are often here to take pictures in the natural environment. The Red Pit Valley, which is the right address for an unfiltered background, will enchant you as well.

You will certainly find a tone suitable for you in the Red Valley, which takes on a different color tone at every hour of the day. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists come to this spot to watch both the sunrise and the sunset. With your wine and glass, you can have romantic moments with your loved ones here and immortalize these moments with photo frames.

You can take a walk and enjoy the view by visiting Kızılçukur, which is 1315 meters high, and Çavuşin, which is 4164 meters, accompanied by a panoramic view. You can visit the Üzümlü Church, the Cross Church, the Direkli Church and the Anna Johachim Church, which you will encounter during the walk.